Immobilien am Duisburger Hafen

Max-Peters-Straße 1, 47059 Duisburg, Deutschland
  8.300.000€ - Gewerbeobjekt, Referenzen
55 620 m²

“Duisburg-Harbour” is a portfolio of different plots, buildings and open areas in direct vicinity of the city centre of Duisburg and in direct vicinity of the biggest inland port in the world with 37 km length of waterside. The harbour is the heart of logistic in North-Rhine-Westphalia with 300 companies associated to the logistic industry, 40.000 employees and a yearly turnover of 2.7 Billion Euro. The portfolio is located in a resilient commercial area. The tenants/outlets belong to well known German and local companies like Staples, Atelco, Aldi, Telecom a.o.. 30 % of the portfolio is rented to the City of Duisburg on a long term basis.
no. of buildings 5
no. of open areas 2
no. of tenants 9
total rent space 6,099 sqm
total plot sizes 35,372 sqm
net rent p.a. 1,135,000 € (incl. Indexation 1.Q.2013)
ground lease p.a. 255,000 € (long term contracts 76/77years)
disposable net rent p.a. 885,000 €
Factor 9,37

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