Emmerich at the Rhine-river

46446 Emmerich am Rhein, Deutschland
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The real estates are located in the north-west frontier of Germany and the Netherlands. The buildings are 1,50 km from the Rhine-river at the north-western end of the city of Emmerich.

The traffic situation of the town is extraordinary excellent.
Emmerich on the Rhine is an important junction of regional and international meaning. The most important waterway – the river Rhine, the main railway road “Ruhrgebiet – Randstad (NL)” and the motorway “Ruhrgebiet – Amsterdam/Rotterdam” converge in Emmerich.

The “Emmerich – Kleve” bridge, crossing the Rhine, connects the traffic roads on the right side of the Rhine, the motorway A3 and the national highway B 8, with the roads left to the Rhine,the motorway A 57 and the national highways B 9 & 57, and also the Dutch Achterhoek.
The local harbour, with its efficient container handling system, offers an excellent connection to the European waterways.

Furthermore, the City of Emmerich on the Rhine offers an excellent connection to the international railway system and two motorway junctions – a third one is planned – to the motorway A 3, a short and fast connection to the German and Dutch metropolitan areas and the economic centres.

Due to the abolition of the European inner borders, Emerich has become more important as a main traffic junction and a mediator between Germany and the Netherlands.

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